The Legend of Young Ninjas

In 2010, Young Ninjas was created by a bunch of dudes with martial arts, sports, after-school, and teaching backgrounds. Since then, Young Ninjas has introduced thousands of children to martial arts! 

Rather than creating ninja warriors (not saying it won’t happen) we focus on providing a fun, physical outlet for boys and girls ages 3-10. We do this through martial arts, which has the additional benefit of teaching kids values, social skills, and being overall good citizens…which parents love! Along the way, children gain self-confidence and develop new skills as they block, kick, and strike their way to becoming more focused and better disciplined after each class!


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Our curriculum

A non-intimidating curriculum that helps little ones improve motor development and physical fitness, but also builds character and social skills. The play based classes introduce techniques and forms from several martial arts styles (karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu) through games and challenges, which makes it a perfect introduction to little kids (and big kids looking to try something new).

Unlike some traditional martial arts classes, we have no ranks in classes, but our curriculum still celebrates individual achievement.  At the end of each session, students test in a group and receive their certificate of achievement. During class, students don’t make contact with each other, only with foam pads and other equipment held by their Sensei.

Instructor Qualifications

Our instructors are called “SENSEI” which is Japanese for teacher. Our team of awesome sensei’s (KIYAH!) get children excited about martial arts through our age-appropriate and engaging curriculum. Sensei’s show up each week with all necessary equipment to run awesome martial arts classes at your location.

Training Program
Instructors go through a comprehensive training process, where they will teach “on site” with senior Young Ninjas instructors for up to 8 weeks or more. Only after going through our certification course, will they be promoted to a Sensei. We provide our instructors with ongoing training to ensure the highest level of instruction. 

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds. From martial artists to actors, from students to athletes. All instructors have experience and a passion for working with kids and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise.

All Young Ninjas instructors are background checked on a federal, state, and local level.  

Young Ninjas is fully insured and can even provide a copy of our policy upon request.  

Our team

Shaun Tuch / CEO + co-founder

Gary Tuch / CFO + co-founder

Jon Schucolsky / Director + co-founder

Sophia Pellman / Admin

Sensei Shon

Sensei Aaron

Sensei Chris

Sensei Dane

Sensei Joe

Sensei Freddy

Sensei Jon R

Sensei Fanto

Sensei Will

Sensei Carlos

Sensei Kaitlyn

Sensei Quartay

Sensei Sky

Sensei Michael

Sensei Jake

Sensei Kevin F

Sensei Miguel

Sensei Matt

Sensei Josh

Sensei Danny

Sensei Yusef

Sensei Scott

Sensei Sarah

Sensei Julian

Sensei Danny

Sensei Cameron

Sensei Dakota

Sensei Sari